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Ø While being committed to providing innovative, optimal, efficient, cost effective Engineering Services to meet the  exacting needs of its clients and maintaining high ethical and professional standards, EMaintE boasts the notion that a scientific approach to Systems Maintenance Management that broadens with technological changes can only be second to none! Our

  •       Simplicity shall be our inspiration to all.
  • Mission:

    We daily challenge our past and believe that through the grace and power of the Creator of everything, together we are able to improve the future of the land we live in.


    • We uphold the notion that a scientific approach to Systems Operations & Maintenance Management broadens with technological changes and that such an approach can only be second to none!
    • While advocating competition in the open market, EMaintE  believes transparency and accountability in its business dealings with other entities will enhance information sharing which is a powerful tool for personal growth, self actualization and zeal, creativity, empowerment and networking which all adds up to fulfillment and success  for all .
    • We pride ourselves in not compromising our principle; “create room for improvement in any area of concern to anyone whilst appreciating the will power of positive thinking with determination to achieve a goal or at least part of a goal in an envisaged time frame”.
    • EMaintE shall continually strive, while abiding by all legislative regulations applicable to its operations and services, to serve its customers, our company, our country and each other as well as our cosmos to the highest possible level.



    Together We Can Make this World a Better Place to live in. Let’s work, let’s Shine and let’s leave behind a good History.



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