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EMaintE Consulting is a Supplier of  of a variety of Products.

Our products range from:

1. A simple Cworks free CMMS to a comprehensive CWorks SQL with asset hierarchy designed for multisite maintenance operations or Careworks which is fully web based. The CWorks range of CMMS software meets your needs in effectiveness and affordability to assist you to:

  • Easily record the 5Ws ( who, what, where, when and why) of each task, asset and resources,
  • Easy reporting for more effective plan, do, check and act (PDCA) on plant and maintenance management improvement activities,
  • Easily generate reports,
  • Easily view asset history reports and maintenance costs on each asset and
  • Easily automate planned preventive maintenance tasks by scheduling planned preventive maintenance work orders based on time or meters.
  • Easily raise Purchase requisitions, Authorise Purchase Orders, GRN
  • Easy forecasting and proposing of the required Maintenance Store spare parts.


 2. Supply of a variety of measuring instruments which will ease your need for data capturing in the following areas of concern:

    • Thermal Imaging
    • Sound analysis
    • Waste water analysis
    • Viscosity analysis
    • Flue gas analysis and gas leak sensors
    • Laser alignment.

3. Supply, install, Project Manage and after project maintenance and Support service in  the following areas of concern:

  • ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS for Vehicles, persons (card type, biometric readers, turnstiles etc.)
  • INTEGRATED BUILDING SOLUTIONS including; Fire detection systems, smoke detection, Vending Machines, Digital surveillance, CCTV, Evacuation/PA Systems.
  • PERIMETER SECURITY including; Intercom Systems, Electric fencing, Parameter beams and more.
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