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PdM Gadgets

 If your Operations Team  is  to maximize Uptime and Minimize Downtime to a level regarded as World Class Maintenance of Lower than 4 percent  Downtime with the remainder being your UPTIME, then PdM Gadgets is the route to take as a complement of your CMMS Tool.

EMaintE  will Supply you with the solutions to your Ultrasonics, Thermography and Sound Analysis.

Why break into a whole length of your wall and/or floor because of a leaking potable water or waste water pipe when you can simply use an IR Camera like the Flir Series to shoot at the exact spot of leak and therefore Save your time and Money?

Why then should you encounter unprecedented downtime because your Heavy-duty machine motor got burnt  because you could not predict failure six months prior to that? Why should hot junctions on your Power Factor Correction Equipment result into manufacturing halt upon PFC equipment failure when this could all have been predicted and sorted out during Non productive time?

PdM Gadgets will help you enforce Essential Care . What, Where, Why of Essential care  Can only be appreciated if we first know that:

Essential Care is a compilation of processes that will prevent failures from occurring. For example lubrication, alignment, balancing, cleaning, and operating procedures, adjustments and installation procedures.

  • Essential Care prevents failures (prolong life of equipment).
  • Objective condition monitoring is preferred over subjective condition. Objective methods are for example vibration analysis, ultrasonics, and temperature-, pressure-, voltage- and ampere readings.
  • Subjective inspections are Look, Listen, Feel and Smell.

A 4-In-1 ENVIRORMENT METER (reasonably priced) will put you in good stead with Government Regulations which need you to comply! Why then not have one?

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