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Welcome to the News at EMaintE.

June 28, 2011 marked the First Anniversary at EMaintE. New on the Market but already treading well and leaving behind Footprints. Consultancy with a Vission of bringing about an inspiration of Simplicity means giving some knowledge away at no cost. At EMaintE we encourage  all employees to be involved in the online discussion Forums for Professional people. One such great Forum platform is Linkedin where Professionals discuss a wide range of issues and how differently those issues get tackled by different professionals. It is a knowledge gain at the click of a button.

Meeting New people and New Clients is a very interesting part of consultancy work. Sometimes one has to be in a hurry to catch up with time. You press the pedal down and you are happy you got there in time and had a good meeting! 2 weeks later, your Post Office Mailbox receives a VIP stamped letter and it is a R750 fine for exceeding the speed limit by 20 km/h, worse enough the camera capture shows your carís number plate clearly on the photograph pasted on the fine letter! The disappointing part is as follows: 3 months later, you are still awaiting a Purchase Order from the Client you sped to in order to catch up with time. And that is the beauty of LIFE. It cruises on and never stops hey.

An interesting excerpt for Best Practice, see below if you will.


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