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 EMaintE will not only help you to Identify, Develop, Implement, Maintain and Improve your CMMS (Modern Maintenance Management)    Tool but will also for your CMMS, do

    • Requirement surveys or audits
    • Work process consulting
    •  Master data coding development
    • Data collection, compilation, adjusting and customizing to customerís requirements
    •  PM schedules collection, compilation and advisory
    • Installation and commissioning
    • Training
    • 24-hour after sales support via electronic response as well as video chat.
  • Scientific Approach advisory to Systems Maintenance Management
  • PdM & CM on Rotating m/cs and Plant ancillary using: vibe-check and spike energy detectors, Laser alignment devices, thermal imaging & analysis by IR camera.
  • Electric & Pneumatic Power consumption analysis and advisory.


You will always be safer than sorry if you keep on being on the better side of the Industrial  Laws of the land in which your operations, Facilities or Plants are located. EMaintE helps entities in the Development, Implementation, Maintenance and Improvement of OHSMS in compliance with OHSAS18001 and its OHSAS18002 guidelines. As part of such an initiative, EMaintE will execute

  • Metering and analyzing dB(A) as per prescription in OHSA
  • Flue gas analysis and advisory on Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle(IGCC) as well as Carbon Capture and Sequestration(CCS) 
  • Metering and Analysing of Air draughts as per prescription in OHSA
  • Water Purification analysis and Advisory 



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