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About Us

Established in June 2010, EMaintE Consulting aims at promoting a Scientific Approach to Systems Operations and Maintenance Management. Mr Gracious Banda MIPlantE MSOE, a founding Member is one of the key personnel at EMaintE and in most of his Presentations  and Training seminars on Modern Maintenance Management (MMM) looses appetite to swallow the following statements and ends up airing them out;

  • Simplicity Shall be Our Inspiration to ALL.
  • Complexity needs to be simplified and not reduced or removed because that is what makes life interesting!
  • Learning is Forever Endless [LIFE]
  • True Innovation Means Excellence [TIME]
  • Life is a journey between where we are to where we are going.
  • Displacement or STRAIGHT LINE motion is the quickest ROUTE to get to where one is going. Are quickest routes always easiest and cheapest? What if there are insurmountable mountains that would require a fly over?
  • Train, Engineer, Advise, Manage. [TEAM]
  • REMEMBER, 100 percent Uptime means more time for your Maintenance Crew to Analyze and understand Plant Equipment, get more involved in refurbishment and Improvement initiatives but also and most important of all , have enough time to attend CPD training and get more motivated to be part of an Entity’s LIFE -TIME TEAM!

Mr Gracious Banda is a Plant and Maintenance Engineering Technologist and Licentiate by Training who over a period of years has attained, through CPD and experience, recognition to be a Professional Plant Engineer. His exposure to different Engineering Systems and their Management can not be overemphasized. You may learn a little  more about Mr Gracious Banda by developing a habit of frequenting your visits to our website pages of EMaintE News but also Company Profile and Photos which will receive a facelift every quarter of an annum. 

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